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  • amberbowley

    The Flying U Ranch has been one of my favourite vacations iv EVER been to! It is the most fun i have ever had and i wish i could live in the cute, rustic cabins that make you feel like you are a true cowboy/cowgirl! Once you enter the front gates, you will be greeted by Robert, the head-cowboy and told whitch of the awesome cabins you wil be spending your time in. When i usualy get ther, it is about lunch time. Once you hear the bell ring, you know its time to eat your meal. All the meals are served in the dinning hall, a large, warm lodge in the center of the cabin area (so its not a long walk from you little front porch outside your cabin). When you enter the lodge, you get this feeling of warmth and welcoming. After you find your place to sit o long picnic-y style tables with lots of other guests, you are served the most mouth watering, tasty meal you have had in a long time! after your yummy meal and interesting conversations, you have the choice of going on a ride till 4pm or exploring your new surroundings or even go to the lake for swimming, kayaking or canoeing! if your not riding, you could be at the lake (as i already mentiond) petting or feeding the horses, petting the funny pigs, talking to your fellow guests, playing volleyball, playing a game of horseshoes, or any other fun activities provided here at the rance. If you decide to take an unsuprivises ride, you can go chat with robert and he will match the perfect horse with your riding level and personalty that you will be riding at ther ranch for your whole stay (unless you dont like the horse, then you may ask to switch). Robert will provide you with a helpful map and if you wish, you can ask for a saddle bag to put you water bottle, bug spray, snack or any other items you wish to bring with you.after the friendly staff get your horses saddled up, your off through the big land of the flying U ranch! You can venture off anywhere you wish, canter anytime you wish, get off your horse anytime you wish and basicly whatever you want to do (thats safe!). there are many locations you can ride to including the festival grounds, a large teepee you can crawl through and lots of abandon, barns, towers and so much more!there are some gates you will have to open while riding. some horses can open the with out you even getting off but some you may have to dismount your horse and do it by hand. after you get back from you ride (4 or earlyer). At 5ish, another bell will ring anouncing it is dinner time and you should report to the lodge. after another to-die-for meal, you can do whatever you want exept ride. i recomend going for a dip in Green lake. you can even bring shampoo down to the lake instead of taking a shower! if you go at the right time of year (around august) the lake water will be nice and warm. theres nothing like a jump off a diving board into a warm, refreshing lake!the next day, i recomend going on a full day ride. you will give a choice of two types of lunches they will pack with you and after the savory breakfast, youre off on another adventure at the Flying U Ranch!

    2013-06-30 00:00:00发表

  • KristenM993

    A group of 9 of us headed up to the Flying U Ranch, my friend and I had never been there before and didn't have a ton of experience. We were lucky to be going with a few people that had been going for years.You really can't beat the value. For $180 a night that includes 3 meals, full day of horse back riding, entertainment in the evenings (Square dancing, bonfires, movie nights, drinks at the saloon...) incredible!The other guests you meet staying there will often tell you they've been coming here since the mid 80's, 90's - i think that's the true testament of how great this place is.Guest cabins are rustic. Bed, wood stove, bed side table, light, window, door. Basic but everything you could need. Meals are served in the main lodge, there is a great room where you can play cards/games.Things to bring: Jeans (not so old that they rip when getting on your horse... how embarrassing!) Leather boots, Carrots (treats for the horse), bug spray, camera, Pillow/extra blanket - I like my fluffy pillow from home and found i was a bit cold at night (too tired to light a fire) so i was pleased to have brought a wool blanket. Other than that they have everything else you could need!I hope more people visit this beautiful part of the province, this was my first time to the Caribou and certainly not the last. The family running the ranch does a great job, I hope it continues to thrive for many years!

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  • 284michaelg284

    We visited the ranch with two friends. None of us had been there before but it was highly recommended. We only stayed for 2 nights because we were in the midst of a long journey but it was well worth it and I would like to go back for a longer spell. First of all, they have lots of land - about 4,000 acres. And they have close to 100 horses, mostly quarterhorses, but others including mixed breeds. All beautiful, well-cared for and of various dispositions and for different levels of ridership. We did not ride, given our short stay and that one of us was in a cast! There are many trails and you ride on your own for as long as you want. You can hike as well. We did spend time on their waterfront at Green Lake, which borders the property. They have a big dock, canoes and kayaks. The lake is quite large and pretty. It was quiet when we were there. The water was cool but comfortable, clean too. The main lodge is for dining and relaxing. It is a large log building and almost brand new. There is a big fireplace and lots of trophy heads. The have various activities here. Folksy stuff like square dancing one night. The food is basic but good and plentiful. And don't miss the cookie jar. Sleeping is in little log cabins that sleep 2 or more people. Some are very old. Do not expect luxurious sleeping conditions! They are better than a tent or a lean to and have wood stoves if needed (we did not), but our small cabin was very old and "charming". We slept well. There are 2 bathouses for both men and women as the cabins do not have ther own facilities. These were OK, not great. The main lodge has really nice bathrooms but these do not have showers.They also have a saloon, a theatre that has old movies (think Westerns) and other buildings. The key is that you really get to explore the preimises and talk to the cow hands , that farriers, etc. Get up early and watch them drive the herd down from the hills into the corrals!! There is also a store to buy snacks, clothing and souvenirs. KIDS ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE FLYING U! Everybody was quite friendly. I wish I knew about thsi place when we had young children. Many families have been coming there for years and years.

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  • vlfield

    We live in the busy suburbs of Vancouver, BC, and escape to the historic Flying U Ranch twice a year, generally a week in June and two weeks in September. Our grown sons often join us if their work schedules allow. Adult horse lovers and riders of various skill levels visit the ranch year after year, reuniting with other annual guests. The Flying U offers one of the most authentic western vacations available in Canada, and allows riders to explore the ranch and surrounding area without a guide. The log cabins are cozy, the scenery magnificent, the wildlife is plentiful, and the horses are carefully selected to suit their riders. You might want to check it out!

    2013-09-29 00:00:00发表

  • summer3025

    The Flying U Ranch is an amazing place to visit and enjoy the surrounding beauty by horseback riding, or hiking or canoeing on Green Lake. It's one of the few places left where you ride unescorted, and no guides. There are many trails on site to choose from of varying lengths. They own about 100 horses and match you to the horse, not the horse to you. That's how well they revere and take care of their horses. The family and staff who are in charge are amazing and knowledgeable and try to meet all your realistic needs. The food was really good as well, and that's saying a lot from me because I'm picky and usually eat organic and local and fresh. The cabins are quaint and rustic, but very authentic! Electricity in the cabins, but no running water - have to go the the communal facilities. There is a porcelain picture and bowl in each cabin that are handy for hand and face washing. I have been there at least 5 times with family and by myself and loved it every time and can't wait to return.

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  • jonm135

    We were seeking a vacation package for our family in celebration of a promotion and transfer to Kamloops,B.C. and the Flying U performed far about the expectations with delicious food, and plenty of it, horse-back riding with experienced wranglers and freedom for the kids to run and play. We highly recommend the ranch for anyone seeking the western experience that won't require a second mortgage. The cabins are about as quaint, clean and functional as you can get. What our family enjoyed was the accommodations were not "Gussied up" but presented as you would expect to find on a working ranch.

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  • SusanMMc

    This way my 11th time up at the Flying U in 8 years and it just keeps getting better and better. There are always new trails to discover and there is a horse for everyone, no matter what your riding experience is. The food was superb and the vegetarian options presented to me were spectacular. The Flying U seems to attract a certain type of people (good ones!), and there is always great conversation to be had and new friends to be made. I will be up at the Ranch again at least one more time this summer - I just can't get enough of the Best Place on Earth!

    2014-06-05 00:00:00发表

  • 352shawnj

    Fabulous hosts, food, accommodations, the riding was outstanding, live band was fantastic!! Couldn't have had a better time if we tried!

    2014-06-10 00:00:00发表

  • 844kareyd

    If you're looking for posh 5 star, this isn't the place. If you're looking for a real true western experience this place is heaven. It's rustic, charming, cozy, friendly, and most of all fun. I've been visiting the Flying U Ranch for decades and I hope to continue visiting for decades to come. I highly recommend it.

    2014-06-17 00:00:00发表

  • MikeB917

    It's been several years since we went (sorry - I had to select a date for the review, this was actually in 2010), but the whole family still talks about what a fantastic time we had, and we share our story with all our friends. Hopefully this is the year we make it back! The horses we perfectly matched to our riding abilities - 5 year old first-timers included. Food was tasty, beds were comfy, and the atmosphere was so friendly. A real treasure.

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  • vlfield

    We live on the outskirts of Vancouver, and are surrounded by construction machinery, screaming sirens, squealing tires, honking horns and noisy teens and children. So, each Spring we visit the Flying U Ranch to enjoy other sounds. The calling of loons, waves gently splashing at the lake shore, horses calling to their buddies, dogs playing and fish jumping. It's also the season for wildlife and bird watching, hiking and photography. If you are in the mood for relaxing escape to an authentic historic ranch, with reliable horses, excellent meals, interesting guests from throughout the world, and lovely scenery, I'd recommend The Flying U.

    2014-07-06 00:00:00发表

  • JayT876

    We have visited the Flying u for 18 years. It gets better and better. While we miss the historic lodge, the new one is fantastic with beautiful touches inside and gorgeous hanging baskets and planters outside. The cabins have all had new roofs and were clean and comfortable. The horses were amazing. The new fire pit is large and inviting. Hospitality was good, staff were friendly and accommodating. Food was great and there was no issue of being rushed through the meal time. The countryside was stunning although changed with the foresting of the dead pines but the landscapes looked better for the clearing. Entertainment was great with hayrides, a dance nite with a live band and movie nite. Should one wish a rest from riding, the canoes and kayaks provided fantastic viewing of the area. Wildlife was abundant. Next summer back for longer!

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