green lake provincial park

green lake provincial park


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green lake provincial park印象
  • 422Jensm

    Vil du give dig selv en stor oplevelse, medens du besøger Whistler,så bør du bestille en flyvetur med Whistler Airs Vandflyver.Du bliver afhentet i minibus i Whistler og kørt til Green Lake, hvor den gule vandflyver og de venlige piloter afventer dig og 9 andre gæster. Så starter eventyret ,mellem 30 til 45 minutters flyvetur oppe i og rundtenom de Is og sne beklædte tinder,de frosne søer, og gletsjer, hele tiden fortæller piloten dig om hvad du ser, og hvad du kommer til at opleve,spørg og du får svar på alt om disse tinder.En udsædvanlig oplevelse er det at såvel starte og lande på vandet, se Whistler fra luften, og når eventyret er slut bliver du bragt tilbage til byen. Rigtig god tur og nyd denne store oplevelse.

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  • vlfield

    A popular western style log pub near Lone Butte, and a watering hole for horseback riders in the area. The food and beverages are good, and the local regulars are friendly.

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  • tammyp123

    Love visiting the Cariboo ( the Boo) region and the campgrounds at green lake are great. Prefer Emerald Bay & Sunset view over Arrowhead, but the lake is perfect. Gorgeous, smooth for water sports, warm enough to go for a refreshing dip. The campground hosts ( At Emerald Bay) were wonderful and it was well maintained. Firewood was a bit pricey for the amount you got but you can also bring your own

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  • CPHunter

    In this area, trees are sparse, so you don't get much least not as much as you would in most other BC provincial parks. There's a nice little beach, but the water is pretty darn cold. You might get some energetic children to swim in it and hearty adults. I wasn't impressed though as there was little in the way of hiking, and little privacy, and the campground itself wasn't very pretty.

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  • stevepencz

    Green lake, beautiful magical green water, beautiful white birch trees. Water best in BC, so smooth silky, so easy to swim. You can lay back don't move and you will see your feet comes up, float like in your mother womb, so pleasant. It is 1000 meters up on Cariboo upland, nights are cool, but days warm up quick summer time. In the winter frozen solid, I been there, walk to the islands. I have some pictures on Google earth. This summer people swimming at late as 10PM. Forget fishing here, there is lot of little shrimp that is the food of choice for the fishes. Sunsets are amazing colorful. Every few years I have to go, like calling me with it's peaceful surroundings, cannot wait to go again. There is a Little Horse Lodge walking distance, as store and restaurant, very nice.

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  • PinkDragonPrincess

    I love this lake! Great to drop in a kayak and enjoy a calm and serene day. Excellent picnic grounds, well maintained and very calm. This place is always on my list when I am in the area!

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