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  • chewyswife

    we ahve paddled the cnoe route at bowron lake 5 times now , we continue to go back for its beauty, we stay at bear rive merchantile , sandy and Dick are wonderful people nice clean place, they always make us feel welcome . we enjoyed paddling there in July mostly, we like middle of sept as well, didnot enjoy Aug, we have done the west side once with our granddaughter, she was 9 loved it, we always do the full curcuit, for the kids start out on the west side see how they do.

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  • Maxcontax

    We paddled and portaged around the famous Bowron Lakes Circuit in five days this May. The lakes and ponds are as pristine as they were in 1840 when they were discovered. It is rare anywhere that you can find waterways interconnected in a `120 km parallelogram so you can paddle back to your starting point!!The popularity of the circuit is such that you must have a reservation. They keep it clean with attention to camper behaviour and simple campsites. The weather in mid May was cool and wet and there was winter snow on the portage trails but it was incredibly peaceful. As a bonus, the type of camper that puts in this effort is a bit classier than many you've encountered!If you are in reasonable shape, don't mind being entirely off the grid (no cell phone coverage) and have basic training in canoeing, you can do this--leave yourself some days extra in case the weather goes against you. Trip of a lifetime!

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  • ratarojo

    The weather was wonderful the views were spectacular.... Was with a group that had never done a canoe trip like this. Most had some experience other had lots the Bowron circuit was gruelling and rewarding. Go prepared for the worst weather and hope for the best. Don't count on fire would for cooking or drying out.Treat yourself to Beckers Lodge before and after...

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  • AlbertaLap

    If this is on your bucket list, get it done! You need canoeing experience and to portages can be a challenge, but it is well worth it. Bears, moose, birds, fish, (although not many). Why we need to put in the resources to maintain our parts systems.

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  • PatWilliamsLakeBC

    We paddled the Bowron Lake chain last month for the fourth time. The inclement weather added interest to the trip; during our previous paddles we have not encountered spectacular thunder and lightening storms like this past trip, or witnessed marvellous sunsets, rainbows and cloud formations. The blend of portaging and paddling gave us daily full body workout and worked up a great appetite! We watched a moose feeding totally unruffled by our presence, and a family of bears out for a jaunt, along with a variety of birds and ducks. We were proud to see the new shelters at the group campsites which were made by Zirnhlet Timber Frame homes out of Williams Lake.

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  • LouisL768

    A 10 day trip starting and finishing in Vancouver canoeing the Bowron Lakes in late August with ‘Sea to Sky-to-Sky expeditions. There were 7 guests with an age range from 30s to 60s and 2 guides, with pickup and drop-off in Vancouver (Days 1 and 10) and 8 days canoeing. We had an excellent time in very pleasant company and will undoubtedly do something similar in future.The lakes are tranquil, with abundant wild life – we saw black-bear, porcupine, moose, chipmunks, beaver, ground squirrels and many birds. Most days we saw a few other canoes and the occasional park ranger. Weather was warm, though it rained most nights and occasionally during the day, and biting insects absent from all except one camp location. All equipment except for personal clothing was provided. The guides (Bill and Erin) were superb – their leadership, companionship and (especially) culinary skills were excellent.The trip was advertised as suitable for novices, though all had had some albeit minimal experience. The route requires some porterage between lakes (one of 2.4 kms but otherwise each less than 1.5 km), mainly on the first two days, but wheeled cradles are provided. The guides woke us up each morning once tea or coffee was prepared and we set off after breakfast having packed our equipment. We paddled for about 3 hours at a leisurely pace, pausing to regroup, take photos, observe the wildlife or have a snack before lunch. We went ashore for a leisurely lunch with usually a much shorter paddle in the afternoon. We used campsites reserved for groups so with one exception we were the only ones at the sites. Each campsite had a prepared base for individual tents and ‘food safes’ for storage of food and ‘smellies’ overnight so as not to attract bears. The guides prepared a covered area for general socializing and eating, made more hospitable by a log fire. The food was excellent, with various dietary needs being catered for, and plentiful. The guides provided instruction both during the days travelling as well as bespoke instruction on arrival at the camp sites. We finished paddling at lunch on Day 9, and spent the night after an excursion to Barkerville village at a motel in Quesnel for a clean-up and well deserved meal.

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  • nguyenlahu

    We arrived at Bowron lake after a long drive from Calgary and the weather was fantastic. Temperature around 20 degree Celsius when the sun is out. We paddled against the wind to upper lake where the big river is, except from the nasty wind, everything else is perfect. We saw lots of moose on the side of the road but no bear. Hopefully we might be able to see a bear family in our next trip.

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  • Pingadohtor

    I was lucky enough to be invited on a group trip by a friend. In the end there were 11 of us paddling, 3 teens, 2 young men, and 6 women in their 50's. The group's canoeing experience was equally as varied.It was an amazing opportunity with challenges combined with outstanding beauty. The group finished the circuit in 7 nights.Ensure that you have the best canoe carts that you can get. The first two portages are rough, and we ended up breaking ours relatively quickly. This made the rest of the days with portages rather long.There are lots of great sites on what to bring, and how to prepare. Read them, and trust the wisdom of the experts.Moose, bear, marmot...eagles flying overhead, osprey, fish. So many things to experience.

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  • PeterHockenhull

    heard about bowron a long time ago. my daughter's 21st birthday present - canoeing around bowron. some good some bad weather and plenty of moose and bald eagles. not quite enough river running for my liking. finished surprised in 5 days - had thought about 8. we did a few side trips and saw enough. perhaps i would have spent a bit more time going up the bowron river north of the bowron slough where there was probably the best 'quality' wildlife experience.great trip with also opportunity to look at wells and barkerville gold mining historic towns

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  • 646coric

    We stayed at Becker's Lodge and rented their canoe gear. Our cabin was spotless and the service was excellent! They loaded our canoes and drove us to the registration centre. The circuit was amazing - the scenery was beautiful, the wildlife was abundant (several moose, eagles, river otters, pine martins, cranes, bunnies, loons, and a mama bear and her 3 cubs ran across the road just outside of Wells), and the campsites were wonderful! If you want an outdoor adventure head on up to Northern BC. The serenity and beauty of the circuit is still resonating with all of our group and it will for a very long time.

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  • CPHunter

    You have to know that you won't have cell coverage up here. And if you are used to camping BC provincial parks, you'll be used to pit toilets and no showers. Being this far north, there's no swimming, so expect that. Most of the sites were quite private and it wasn't very busy. There were a couple sites that were quite open (not private). Not much hiking in the area.

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  • RuthH39

    We did the circuit 11 years ago - now a bit older (71) and wondering if we could do it. We were a party of 14 - 4 canoes and 6 kayaks. Us old folk were in the canoes. Since we were a large group, we were assigned certain camp sites - 7 nights/8 days. The weather was perfect this time. A little rain one evening not many bugs. The portages were rougher than last time - lots of pot holes and large rocks. My hip was getting beaten up on the portages. Finally decided to wear my life jacket around my waist and protect my hip - worked like a charm! There were a lot of beautiful new shelters built in the past 11 years. We didn't see a lot of wild life - a moose walked through our canoes and almost decided to join our group. Also a bear cub jumped over the back of one of the kayaks.

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