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Jenny asks…

What are the requirements for printing invitation cards and post cards using PC?

My birthday is coming soon and I want by myself to print invitation cards using my PC.

InviteMgr answers:

If you are using word, go to tools & then pick envelopes & labels. When you buy the invitations, the directions sheet will tell you which template to use. Oh, pick labels section & then options. Once the template is chose, pick ‘create new document’ & then you’ll be able to insert pics & text

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Businesses, Clubs, Professional Organizations, and many other groups organize golf tournaments.  A postcard invitation for a golf tournament is an effective way to invite participants.

Here is our first golf tournament invitation postcard:

Women's Golf Tournament invitation 001 Women’s Golf Tournament Invitations

A larger view will pop up by clicking on the thumbnail.

Looks like a fun time for the women golfers.  There might be some guys available as caddies.

Let us help get the word out on your Women’s Golf Tournament Plans by with these special invitations.

Click on this link to get started customizing your Woman’s Golf Tournament invitations

We have just added a Save the Date cards category and placed our first Save the Date card design up for orders. This design is for a Tropical Theme wedding or can be used for any tropical theme event.

Save the Date cards are a very popular type of initial wedding invitation sent several months ahead of the wedding date. It is very effective for help people have enough time to make plans to attend the event. We expect to make several Save the Date designs around many different themes.

Here is our first tropical theme Save the Date card:

Birthday invitation 001 Tropical Save the Date Cards

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