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Summer is almost over, but there is still time to have one more backyard BBQ.  Here is a new BBQ invite postcard to make it happen.

Backyard BBQ invitation 004

You might try to get some interesting participation by asking each invitee to bring some of their own BBQ sauce or other dish to compliment the total BBQ meal. Participation usually makes it more fun and interesting.

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After winter starts to hit it will be a long wait to taste some more delicious BBQ.

spare ribs on the barbeque

spare ribs on the barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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You have heard of wine tasting parties, how about a beer tasting party.  In the USA there are many more beer drinkers than wine drinkers.  The availability of specialty brews has become easy to find and therefore try out for new tastes.

Also, home brewing of beer is becoming a fast growing pastime.

So why not have a brew tasting party to try out new beers and show off your home brew.

We have a Brew Tasting Party invitation postcard ready to help you get your party plans into gear:

Brew Tasting invitation 001

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If you are going to do some home brewing for your party, then make sure you plan in the time to make the brew. mmmmm Cold beer.

We needed a Bachelor’s Party invitation to go along with our recently released Bachelorette’s party invititation !

The guys need to have a fun time too.

A larger view of this card will pop up by clicking on the thumbnail.

Bachelor invitation 001 Bachelor Party Invitations

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